Bridging The Mobile Divide

Mobile Health Care

Like the financial and government sectors, mobile health care information is sensitive and requires a high level of security. The 359 Thin Client Server / Hybrid Mobile Application, provides the required security for health care transactions. The health care industry by nature is labor and record intensive, both of which can be expensive. By allowing patients secure access to their medical information, health care institutions can minimize unnecessary expenses.

Possible benefits of the UMI could include optimized patient data processing and reduced costs as in the following examples:

• Secure account access and mobile health records (Clients can success appointment and results information as well as review health records)
• Medication notifications and automatic refills (It is often critical that medications not be combined, mobile records could save lives)
• Real time insurance co-pay information for prescriptions
• Records update for emergency personnel (Having access to a patient’s medical history will save time and assist in emergency treatment)
• Non-emergency medical inquiries(Medical practitioners can avoid expense visits by interacting with patients on-line or mobile)