Bridging The Mobile Divide

Mobile Compliance Gaming

359 is the only 3rd party developer for compliance gaming approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

The 359 team developed, a mobile Sportsbook application, with Stations Casinos. The Stations project required 359 to meet Nevada Gaming Commission standards for Geo-location, Geo-fencing, secure commerce and secure application performance. 359 provided the protocol and interface for Station’s Sportsbook backend. Working with their development team, we brought the first compliance gaming mobile product to market; built on a third party mobile platform. 359 has demonstrated expertise in mobile platforms for compliance gaming. We provide the best mobile solution for lottery experts and any compliance gaming application.

Compliance Gaming
As described in the Stations Casino’s Sportsbook application, 359’s client server application has been vetted by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Utilizing our proprietary UMI mobile platform 359 provides the Geo-fencing and Geo-location required for compliance gaming applications. Additionally our hybrid client server application provides the in-depth security – critical for gaming applications.
As a third party mobile platform provider, 359 easily integrates our client server with a client’s gaming provider’s backend. 359 then handles any mobile device interaction for content delivery and display. By doing so, the 359’s thin client application relieves the gaming provider from having to continually update mobile device application software for new devices or release device upgrades and changes in gaming content. Overall, the 359 application model saves gaming operators both money and time to market for inclusion of current and future mobile devices in their marketing strategy.
Here are samplings of some of the opportunities we envision within this business sector:

  • Mobile Lottery: ticket purchase, scratch games, results
  • Sports Book: bet placement, odds comparison, real time in-play betting, results
  • Keno: ticket purchases, regional live games, on-property games, multi-game ticket
  • Casino Games: Slots, video card games
  • Multiplayer Games: Poker, Black Jack