Bridging The Mobile Divide

Mobile Campaign Marketing

359’s Mobile Campaign Marketing is a proprietary platform that allows our customers to manage all aspects of text based message communications. Our platform offers a robust set of features and commands to facilitate patron engagement in targeted marketing campaigns or interactive sweepstakes, engage patrons with campaigns allowing them to  vote, win, or active conversations.

Mobile Campaign Marketing provides our clients with relative data collection, dynamically scripted conversations with targeted patrons as well as Push notifications; all utilizing our intuitive user interface.  With our Mobile Campaign Marketing users can target patrons by age, gender or previous responses to offer targeted coupons, rewards and special offers. With the Mobile Campaign Marketing, our Universal Mobile Interface users are able to actively engage patrons and direct them towards their own targeting marketing campaigns.

Features                                                          Benefits

Age and Gender profiling Limit access for gaming and target   promotional campaign offers by age and/or gender
Market to multiple groups Mix/match opt-in patron profiles   and targeted groups
Answer campaigns Pose interactive questions, engage   patron interaction and target coupon responses or special offers
Market to multiple groups Mix/match opt-in patron profiles   and targeted groups
Push notification Interface with Tarsin’s Mobile   Concierges Application
Reports Track campaign reach, response,   and effect  in real time
Test and Preview Campaigns Closed loop preview and review any   campaign
Unlimited groups Target single/multiple groups or   concepts
Unlimited keywords Perform logic operations on patron   parameters to achieve dexterous allocation to groups
Scheduling Campaign launch set up and defined   durations
Web-based admin interface Browser based interface and   control
Alert campaigns Single message campaigns for   special events or offers
Copy/paste Create new campaigns or edit   campaigns from prior ones
US compliance Open markets MMA compliance
Customer view Review Customer history and   previous opt-ins