Bridging The Mobile Divide

Government Mobile

Today’s governments generate massive amounts of paperwork, have personnel as their major operating expense and in some countries are not accessible to many citizens. Adding mobile access to government would alleviate backlogs, make government accessible and reduce costs. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of citizens information, the 359 Thin Client Server / Hybrid Mobile Application, provides the required security for governmental transactions.

Resource allocation is also extremely important for government operations. The UMI platform’s Geo-Location can map personnel and equipment in real time. Under emergency conditions resource mapping can save lives; and under normal circumstances efficient utilization of personnel and equipment will reduce operating expenses.

Some possible utilizations of the UMI include but are not limited to:

• Probation monitoring (Using Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing, track and monitor probationers)
• Real time personnel mapping and resource allocation (Geo-Locate emergency personnel and map locations in real time)
• Account and Services status (Client access to appointment, paperwork, progress within government offices)
• Voting and representative interaction (Real time constituent input on issues and mobile voting)