Bridging The Mobile Divide

The 359 Mobile Solution

359 is one of Consorteum’s wholly owned subsidiaries. 359 has developed a Universal Mobile Interface which allows content providers the ability to develop their content once, while the 359 interface platform identifies the mobile device and delivers the proper display format for that mobile device. Without a universal platform, content providers must reprogram their mobile application each time they update or add to their content; or the mobile device operating system is updated.

359 developed our Universal Mobile Interface (UMI) platform, the first universal mobile content delivery solution available that is based on web-standards and is carrier, operating system, and device agnostic. This allows Mobile Content Providers to reach the broadest customer base. 359 provides the delivery of mobile display content while the customer provides the data content.

Mobile content providers have several options available to present their content to mobile users. Client content can be mobile web available, resident on mobile devices or a combination of both. Typically client content remains resident on the client servers and the content is accessed by mobile devices. For general information such as advertising, social media and event information, security issues are not important. However when personal information and financial transactions are included in the client information, security is critical.

359 addresses the client security requirements by isolating the client’s servers from the mobile devices.  359 has developed a “Thin Client Server” platform (UMI) to deliver client content in the proper mobile device format, regardless of the mobile device. Because the 359 UMI platform handles the mobile interface providing the optimal display to each mobile device, the application only needs to be downloaded to the mobile device once, irrespective of client updates or content additions.

Mobile Applications, Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid

Content managers in security sensitive industries (Gambling, Financial, Health Care, and Government) have 3 alternatives for mobile access to consider.  There are web applications, native applications and hybrid applications. Web applications, accessed through a device’s mobile browser, provide a minimal user experience, restrictive content management, nonexistent security or compliance capability but do represent a low cost solution. Native applications, resident on a mobile device, offer an exceptional user experience, minimal content management, high level of compliant security and have high reoccurring costs associated with hardware, operation system and content changes.

The best solution is a hybrid application consisting of a web application existing within a native application wrapper. This is also referred to as a thin client server application. The hybrid application offers an excellent user experience, the highest provision for content management, a high level of compliant security and comes with a lower cost – due to low reoccurring costs associated with the “Develop Once – Deploy Many” architecture. With 359’s hybrid application built on a mobile platform, developers create, update and modify content while the 359 UMI platform maintains the device integration as well as content delivery and display.

When client’s interactions contain sensitive information, due to security restrictions, there are only two choices; native applications which require continual expensive reprogramming or a hybrid application where content management and device updates are not interdependent. 359’s UMI Proprietary Mobile Platform offers the most powerful solution with the most economical investment. Our Hybrid (Web solution wrapped in a Native Application) mobile interface provides for Geo-Location, Geo-Fencing, Security and e-commerce while utilizing the native functionality of individual mobile devices. Mobile users only need to download the application once and UMI delivers the content regardless of OS updates, new content or web site enhancements. The 359 UMI platform is a “Develop Once – Deploy Many” solution for mobile content.

359’s Universal Mobile Interface Architecture
359’s Mobile Application Development Process
359’s Mobile Campaign Marketing

CSRH recognizes that our cutting edge UMI platform can be utilized in multiple business verticals. Because our solution is a natural fit for the challenges facing compliance in the mobile gaming industry, CSRH’s initial focus is in this sector.

The Company believes it has a significant competitive advantage in the mobile market by having the first 3rd party developed regulatory compliant mobile platform for delivery of gaming content. The Company plans to capitalize on this first to market ability in the very lucrative mobile gaming market.

“Worldwide opportunity for all forms of online and mobile gambling will be worth over $44 billion annually by 2015, up from $34 billion in 2012.”  Source – Analysts H2 Gambling Capital

According to Juniper Research, “wagers via mobile devices across all forms of gambling are expected to reach $100 billion by 2017.”

There are already strong signs that mobile offerings will take a disproportionate slice of the online gambling market in countries with a high penetration of smartphones. Some established online gambling and betting operators in the UK were already seeing up to 40% of their entertainment gambling revenues coming from mobile toward the end of 2012.  The trend toward increased mobile gambling supports the need for a Mobile Platform to meet existing and new compliance regulations.