Bridging The Mobile Divide

E-Commerce and Banking

Security is the first priority for mobile financial transactions and information access. The 359 Universal Mobile Interface, in conjunction with our Thin Client Server / Hybrid Mobile Application, provides the required security for financial transactions. Ease of use is also a consideration for customer satisfaction and because the 359 UMI is develop once – deploy many, the mobile application only needs to be downloaded once regardless of updates or content changes.

Identity theft is a major concern for financial customers and the financial institution. The 359 UMI platform will allow mobile users to restrict their financial transactions by Geo-Fencing their own transactions or allowing specific transactions. Customers will also have access to real time updates on all their accounts. Other potential UMI applications could include:

• Mobile commerce in conjunction with the Consorteum debit card
• Allowing customers to monitor identity theft by geo-fencing region of use
• Mobile blue tooth debit
• Retail/restaurant smart phone purchases
• Mobile account balances and updates in real time
• Mobile to Consorteum ATM interface
• Targeted retail advertising through Geo-location and Geo-fencing technologies