Consorteum Holdings Announces Plan to File Multi-Year Comprehensive Form 10-K

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – Aug 14, 2017) – Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (“Consorteum” or the “Company”) ( OTCQB : CSRH ), a software development company and mobile device solutions provider, today announced that it intends to file a multi-year comprehensive Form 10-K, including all audited historical financial statements for the years ended June 30, 2017, 2016 and 2015 and other material information that would have been available and disclosed in its delinquent periodic reports as contemplated by Section 1320.04 of the Securities and Exchange Commission Division of Corporation Finance Financial Reporting Manual.

Commenting on the Comprehensive Form 10-K announcement, Craig Fielding, CEO of Consorteum Holdings, stated, “During this period of inactivity with respect to SEC filing, the company’s management team has worked on a plan of refocusing the core business for the company. Preparing and filing the Multi-Year Comprehensive Form 10-K is an important step in management’s plan to effect the new direction for Consorteum and to leverage its expertise in mobile software development.”

About Consorteum Holdings, Inc.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. is a software development company and mobile publishing company focused on the delivery of digital content to mobile devices, including its suite of mobile offerings, delivery of mobile content, mobile payments solutions and products through a mix of on-deck partnerships, license agreements, and joint venture revenue share arrangements. For more information about the Company, please visit:

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