About Consorteum Holdings Inc.


Delivering rich mobile content to end users who use their smart phones in ways that could not even have been imagined five years ago. 

Consorteum Holdings Inc. is a software development company focused on bridging the mobile divide by developing mobile and online digital transactional solutions. Our goal is to have longer-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships in which our customers think of Consorteum more as a partner rather than just a technology provider.

Consorteum specializes in secure transactions on mobile and online platforms, through a mix of license agreements, joint ventures and development partnerships. It operates as a technology and services aggregator to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace by leveraging a wide range of products and services to deliver complex digital transactions to end users.

The Research and Developmental subsidiary of Consorteum Holdings, 359 Mobile Inc., has reached a technological zenith that gives us the capability to deliver and manage complex digitally secure transactions in the FinTech space, all within a flexible platform. Our products and services run parallel to the leading trends like the Internet of Things, e-commerce, social media, integrated banking, and online gaming innovations. The world is on the cusp of a digital communication revolution, and we have strategically positioned ourselves to help our clients bridge the mobile and online divide. Our flagship product, the Universal Mobile Interface™ solution, opens-up opportunities in multiple business verticals.

The Universal Mobile Interface™ solution is a state-of-the-art platform which has opened-up opportunities in multiple sectors of FinTech, data analytics, next-gen banking, CRM services, social media, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Our platform takes care of both the API and the UI aspects of mobile software development, which makes our services truly comprehensive. The UMI solution is extremely flexible and it can easily be adapted to suit the individual needs of our clients. 359 Mobile Inc. has further plans to develop and deploy end-to-end solutions for both cloud and host-based products in the FinTech and data analytics industry.

“Providing secure digital transactions for FinTech applications in multiple regions globally for both internal program development and 3rd party solutions.”

Consorteum Holdings utilizes the capability of the 359-development team and the UMI to provide a transactional framework for the development of applications that encompass all the components that allow for complex mobile solutions to be delivered. In order to initiate and maintain connections with mobile consumers, we believe it is absolutely critical for our platform to be interoperable between any mobile network and device. This full-service approach redefines how brands develop mobile strategies to strengthen their connection to consumers.

Because our solution is a natural fit for the challenges facing compliance in the mobile FinTech environment, the Company’s initial focus is in this sector.