Bridging The Mobile Divide

About Consorteum Holdings, Inc.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc.(CSRH) Holdings started out as a transaction management company focused on transaction processing solutions and products for the payment processing and financial transaction markets. Holdings has transformed itself into a software development company and mobile publishing company focused on the delivery of digital content to mobile devices, including its suite of mobile offerings, delivery of mobile content, mobile payments solutions and products through a mix of on-deck partnerships, license agreements, and joint venture arrangements. Holdings has spent the last several years developing relationships and licensing agreements that will enable us to participate in the rapidly developing FinTech market and its associated verticals.

Through the efforts of our 359 Mobile Inc. subsidiary and our development team, we have the capability to deliver rich mobile content to end users who will use their smart phones in radical new ways. The development team that we hired had spent the past eight years and millions of dollars in non-recurring engineering costs to complete the development of the platform. At the heart is the capability to support fully regulatory regionally compliant financial and social transactions via Web and Mobile. This key differentiator makes it possible for us to approach many different markets that are in the business of providing mobile connectivity, secure transactional processing and social connectivity.

Our Universal Mobile Interfaceâ„¢ solution has the capacity to open up opportunities in multiple business verticals, such as providing solutions in FinTech, data analytics, secure payment processing, compliancy lead transaction management and various digital social event sectors.

359 Mobile Inc. will develop and deploy end to end solutions for both cloud and hosted based offerings in the FinTech and data analytics markets. The solutions 359 Mobile will provide are solutions developed based on the companies extensive history and experience in payment processing, secure transactions management and end- to- end mobile vertical market offerings.